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as usual As commonly or habitually happens: As usual, I slept late that Saturday morning. [Middle English, from Old French usuel, from Late Latin ūsuālis, from Latin ūsus, use, from past participle of ūtī, to use.] Usually does not mean the same as used to or be used to. Usually refers to what typically or normally happens. Used to refers to things which were true in the past but not now.

As usually or as usual

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She selects topics from different newspapers and create unique  Köp Maltgarden - Calm As Usually från oss på Glasbanken - Sveriges första butik för hantverksöl på nätet, snabba leveranser, utan dolda avgifter! The Blue Laws of New Haven Colony: Usual: Usually Called Blue Laws of Connecticut; Quaker Laws of Plymouth and Massachusetts; Blue Laws of New York, . Här ar alla usual översättning till svenska. bruklig. [2brU:klig] adj.


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Under normal conditions or circumstances; usually; most of the time. · 2.

As usually or as usual

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As usually or as usual

bruklig. [2brU:klig] adj. < bruklig, brukligt, brukliga > - som används, vanlig. customary, usual (frequently used,  Whenever we dine out, we usually end up ordering the usual chilli chicken/beef/pork, but why don't you try some chilli fish?

* ’as usual’ is an idiom, it means ’the way it normally happens’: As usual , he was late.
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It is a routine that expresses you are supposed to find a certificate bundled with the classified document, and not finding one is unusual, as in anomalous. If you remove the word usually: Traduzione di "As usual" in italiano. come al solito come sempre come di consueto come d'abitudine. come d' abitudine.

- He’s usually early for work - Who is usually early for work?
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Listen. as usual. as is the normal or typical situation. John ordered eggs for breakfast, as usual.